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Welcome to the official website for your homeowners’ association.  Here you can find information such as a calendar of events, covenants, by-laws, architectural guidelines and financial reports.  Your Stratford of Avon Homeowners’ Association is one of the strongest self-governed HOA’s in Avon and Washington Township.  Look for us on Facebook, join your neighbors on or by using the NextDoor mobile app.

Great Neighbors Make the Neighborhood Great!

Being a great neighbor can pay dividends.  Do your part to make this neighborhood great by:

  • Watching out for your fellow neighbor
  • Driving carefully at all times
  • Attending quarterly board meetings and the annual membership meeting
  • Suggesting ideas to the board
  • Getting involved as a board member or volunteer
  • Abiding by covenant restrictions
  • Paying your annual dues on time 
  • Reporting any suspicious activity
  • Joining us on Facebook or at

You can help retain property values and keep Stratford as one of Avon’s finest and most desirable neighborhoods.  Do what you can to be a great neighbor!