Your Homeowners Association

Stratford of Avon Officers & Board of Directors

Your homeowners’ association is run by an elected board consisting of homeowners just like you who give of their time to serve on the board voluntarily.  Their work is governed by the By-Laws for the HOA.

There are four officer positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary who are annually appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors consists of nine section directors, two for Section 1 and one each for sections 2 through 8 plus four at-large directors. Directors serve two-year terms with half being elected each year.

We are always looking for more people to get involved on the board, on committees and as volunteers.  Why not consider getting involved today!

(List Updated 04/21/2022) 

OFFICERS for 2021-2022

President ~ Dave Jackson

Vice President ~ Mary Ellen Moore

Treasurer ~ Lori Becker

Secretary ~ Ryan Lybarger


Lori Becker – At-large ’23

VACANT – At-large ’22

Dave Jackson – At-large ’22

Aaron Smith – At-large ’23

Cliff Oehme – Section 1 ’22

Laura Long – Section 1 ’23

Ryan Lybarger – Section 2 ’22

Cathy Costelle – Section 3  ’23

VACANT – Section 4 ’22

VACANT – Section 5 ’23

Mary Ellen Moore – Section 6 ’22

Dave Benware – Section 7 ’23

Joanne Scott – Section 8 ’22

Architectural Review Committee

Cliff Oehme, Mary Ellen Moore & Greg Mueller

Social Committee Chair

Jennifer Alarie

Reserve Committee Chair

Cathy Costelle

Covenants Compliance Committee Chair

Mary Ellen Moore

Media Committee Chair

Dave Jackson

Grounds Committee Chair

Cliff Oehme